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Martin Beck
"I've been looking for a shop where to buy German food here in Bangkok. Fellow expats on InterNations finally told me how to find the right stores."
Helen Laidboe
"It' such a a pity that we have to leave Bangkok soon. I'll miss the InterNations expat community so much, especially the great events!"

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Sawùt dee and a warm welcome to our expat community in Bangkok! As part of InterNations, you can connect with hundreds of other expats in Bangkok, Thailand, and across the world. InterNations is a secure private network for expats moving abroad, or those who already live in another country. By joining InterNations, you can easily interact with other expats in Bangkok. You may want to ask them questions like "where are the best areas to look for accommodation?" or "what are the international schools like in Bangkok?". Whatever your questions or concerns, the helpful and knowledgeable expat community is happy to help you every step of the way. Connect with our Bangkok Community before you even set off on your big adventure, meet fellow expats, and learn from their experiences.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Khobar (Eastern Prov.) or Riyadh.

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  • Moving to Bangkok

    Upon moving to Bangkok, you will find yourself confronted with a city of extremes. The bustle of a thriving metropolis mixes with Thai culture and tradition. InterNations equips you with essential information for expatriates, including advice on safety, various neighborhoods, and housing.
  • Living in Bangkok

    Living in Bangkok will be a unique experience for you. Indeed, Bangkok is a city of contrasts and diversity, which offers expats lots of opportunities. If you are interested in living in the Thai capital, you will find helpful advice on healthcare, education, transport, and more in our brief guide.
  • Working in Bangkok

    Working in Bangkok will give you an insight into a dynamic city and Thailand’s major business hub. However, it can also be quite challenging for many expats. The InterNations guide to working in Bangkok provides you with information on employment, visa rules, taxation, and more.

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The city of Bangkok is a large, exciting metropolis in Thailand. As one of Southeast Asia's most popular tourist destination, Bangkok is famous for its bustling markets and delicious street food, and there is never a dull moment to be had in Bangkok. Its traditional architecture and culture is also an important part of the city, with the bustling, boat-filled Chao Phraya River feeding a large network of canals, the impressive Grand Palace, as well as a number of beautiful sacred temples and monuments within the city. In addition to these fabulous landmarks, it is worthwhile to spend one day just to take on a street food tour and discover authentic Thai food. Traditional Thai dishes such as Lad Na and Pad Thai surely won't fail to delight your taste buds and are generally very inexpensive. In fact, many people choose Thailand and Bangkok because of the personal finance appeal. In Thailand the cost of living is very low, and so you can enjoy a large disposable income and the best possible personal finance situation by moving there. It also has a high level of medical care, which is often attractive to retirees looking for a cheaper place to retire and families who are looking for a bit of an adventure. With regards to accommodation, there is a wide variety of options for expats, from free-standing family homes typically found in the suburban residential areas to serviced accommodation in luxury condominiums or high-rise apartments. When looking for accommodation, it pays to bear in mind that depending on the wherever you live, commuting can be quite frustrating due to hectic traffic conditions. Generally, Rachatewi and Chao Phraya River are popular districts among expats since it is convenient to reach various amenities in a short period of time. Use either online property portals, or, even better, go to local real estate agencies for help with the fast-moving real-estate market in Bangkok. While the language can be difficult to pick up, many expats find Thai people to be extremely friendly and welcoming. However, learning some Thai prior to your move or while you are in Bangkok can help you gain a deeper insight into local customs. It will also prove to be a big advantage for simply getting around or when searching for a job. The economy in Thailand is centered on exporting industrial and agricultural goods, including electronic goods and cars. As the largest city and the commercial center, working in Bangkok often means working in finance, tourism, or education. Thailand attracts a massive four million workers from other countries and the Thai currency has remained stable throughout the global economic crash and recovery.

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To become a member of the InterNations expat community, you have to be approved first. This helps us keep our network is safe and secure. Members are also strongly encouraged to follow our guiding principles and standard "netiquette" to keep InterNations the trustworthy and friendly network that it is. What's great about this is that it means you can join up with one of the many interest-based groups on offer in Bangkok and meet up with fellow like-minded expats in person, and know you will be in safe hands. InterNations Bangkok has lots of exciting opportunities that enable you to continue your hobbies from home, start new ones, or just kick-start your new social life abroad! From DinnerNations to the Bangkok Culture Group, there is much to get involved with through our expat community, including regular InterNations Official Events at great locations in the city!

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Martin Beck
"I've been looking for a shop where to buy German food here in Bangkok. Fellow expats on InterNations finally told me how to find the right stores."
Helen Laidboe
"It' such a a pity that we have to leave Bangkok soon. I'll miss the InterNations expat community so much, especially the great events!"

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