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Biggest problem buying a Used Car... Trust! (Bangkok)

Thailand is an amazing country. Full of great things that make the foreigners living here never want to leave. Those living here long term usually need to buy a car and when that happens, there are a lot of things not to like.

Can you trust Used Car Salespeople? The same answer applies here as it does in any other country in the world. Generally speaking, that answer is "No". So, when buying a car here, the hurdles tend to be the same. Over pricing. Over-inflated interest rates. Covering up problems. Poor or second-hand parts used in repairs.

Unlike most countries, the car industry here is really "for the Thais". Finding car dealers that are foreigner friendly, and that wont rip you off, seems almost impossible. Good news is... it's not.

Carsearch hand picks its dealers. We only list cars on our site from reputable, foreigner friendly sellers. We will liaise with the dealers before you set foot in the door, and co-ordinate any finance and insurance requirements you may have.

Most of the cars on our site are Certified Used Cars too, which means worry-free buying. These cars are checked and tested to ensure they meet only the highest quality standards. It's just another way we're making buying a car in Thailand as easy as Search, Sold, Simple.

Please feel free to share any experiences you've had with any car dealers.
We make it our business to know just who to trust.

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