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Dating for Foreign WOMEN (Bangkok)


I'm another frustrated foreign woman who is interested in meeting a man, but find it difficult to find them! Foreign MEN don't seem to have any problem at all meeting interested ladies here in Thailand (or Asia in general), but we foreign women have few opportunities to meet interested men. Has anyone out there found a solution? Any suggestions?!

There is an Internations group for singles, but it seems to be nothing more than a way to signal you're single. Anyway, it's for the entire global community & it's a bit hard to join meet ups when they happen in a different country each time! Can we not have a subgroup of Internations members interested in meeting for non-business purposes?

The question is probably moot for me since I live so far from the center, but it seems there should be SOMEWHERE for us to meet men interested in foreign women.... Or is it just me that is frustrated?! :P

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