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Getting Ready (Bangkok)

Hello all,

Well I finally have the money saved up to live comfortably according to MY wants and needs. I am getting ready to order my passport, but I have a few questions..

A little background first: 26 years old, male, army iraq vet

Question 1:
I opened up a new bank account and through my research I have learned (correct me if I am wrong) but you need at least 300.00 to enter the country is that right? (I of course have alot more than 300.00 but my question is do I need a bank account statement or will cash do just as well because I wanted to carry cash and have a bank account, also my bank does offer international banking and so on..

Question 2:
Dealing with a passport, can I enter the country without a passport? or should I just get a tourist passport for 60 day w/ 30 day extension?

Question 3:
I also plan on traveling so I do not want to buy a round trip ticket, I assume I can just buy a 1 way ticket is that correct?

I am sure I will have some more questions but this is just to get the ball rolling,

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