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Global Minds Or Just Plain Hedonism? (Bangkok)

Some expats are under the funny impression that the mere fact of living abroad makes them Global Minds. It is as if eating local food, bar hopping and shopping had something to do with open mindedness. Blinkered expats do that as well and some of them even speak the local lingo. Being a Global Mind is a matter of vision and living abroad is a matter of circumstances and a bit of courage.
As expats we like to think that we are special people, we do feel in some way better than our compatriots who stayed at home. In reality we are just average people who got lucky, relatively speaking. My relatives who all live in Tuscany would not even think moving elsewhere. They think I am a darn fool to have left all that for some god forsaken places where I had lived before coming here. I often feel they are right.

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