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Laundry by the kilo in Pattaya (Bangkok)

I have done a search and can't find any existing threads (though I'm sure this has been discussed before) here goes.

Where are the Laundries in Pattaya that charge by the kilo rather than by the piece?

Even in Phuket where everything is twice the price, you can get Laundry done for 55 Baht per kilo pretty much everywhere.

I have had one load done here in Pattaya where I paid by the piece and it cost me a ridiculous Protected content for a small shopping bag full of T-shirts, some socks, jocks and 1 pair of shorts! The same load in Phuket would have cost me about Protected content .

8 Baht per T-shirt (that cost you 50 Baht to buy) is just a rip-off!

So.....where can I go?

I found one in Jomtien, but they charge 80 Baht per kilo. Any better options?

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