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Learn to read Thai in 20 hours (Aug, Chiang Mai) (Bangkok)


Yes, it sounds incredible, but after only 20 hours of intensive practical training you will be able to sound out Thai words accurately with the correct tones.

It works by using zany cartoons and obscene, shocking, memorable stories so that you remember the letters and sounds and tones instantly.

I also show you how to speak correctly in Thai, which is much easier when you know how to read properly.

(Note. You won't necessarily be able to understand what you are reading or saying at first, but this is the most important step in order to be able to absorb Thai fro your environment and gain fluency and accuracy.)

Get it over with once and for all. Don't be an illiterate farang in Thailand. Begin to pick up Thai naturally just by reading the signs, notices and menus that surround you in your everyday life.

And if you think I'm hyping it up, don't take my word for it. Listen to Stephen Reynolds' video review on facebook below. He is a converted Rapid Read Thai disciple!!!

Thai is a relatively easy, highly logical and consistent language (unlike English). Reading Thai requires "solving the puzzle" for each word. After the course you will finally be able to read Thai menus, the labels on your beer bottles and understand what all those little shops down the sois are selling - the cheap laundry service, the car wash & polish, the computer repair shop, the dressmakers, what kind of beauty treatments or massages are available, cheap rooms for rent, etc. etc. :)

Please visit Protected content for more details about the Read Thai in a Weekend workshop. You can follow the course yourself online (it's cheaper), or you can come to the workshop for guided practice and for gaining a more subtle understanding of the Thai language: speaking and reading.

More testimonials:"It was like taking down the shutters from the windows and being able to see out for the first time." Colette Baily, Bangkok.

And here's the latest testimonial from Cheron Gelber in Seattle: This course was fantastic – exactly what I needed in my quest to learn to read Thai. I must admit I was a little skeptical at first, but the course exceeded my expectations by miles. We were really reading Thai script by the end of the week and I am continuing to learn more every day with the online resources and follow on suggestions from the instructor. I’ve tried other methods of learning the Thai alphabet but Gary’s pictures are just what I needed to help me remember. I highly recommend this course.

Stephen Reynold's glowing video testimonial: Protected content

And listen to watch actual participants have said about the course on youtube: Protected content

The Bangkok Post also sent two reporters (one Thai, the other a bilingual American) to experience my course. Please go to my website to read their glowing review. I'm very proud to have "passed their test"! :)


- Every Sunday Morning in August (plus bonus refresher course on Sep 2)
- February 4-8, Protected content week) Bangkok Mon-Fri 8am-12

- September Protected content China Sat-Mon 8am-6pm
- October Protected content USA Sun-Fri 9am-5pm (Read+Speak Bootcamp)
- October Protected content 2 Los Angeles USA Sun-Fri 9am-5pm (Bootcamp)
- November Protected content UK Sun-Fri 9am-5pm (Bootcamp)
- December Protected content Japan Sat-Mon 8am-6pm

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