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Looking for a job in media (Bangkok)

Hello everyone,

If you are looking for somebody who's ready to work in media for free - that's me. I can work as a trainee or as an assistant, or even as an assistant's assistant.

I'm looking for a job in media. I need this job not for money, but for experience. I'm interested in workflow in other countries media. So I'm looking for an occupation that fits to my own expertise and will help me become better in professional way.

My professional experience is universal in general, but there are a lot of difference in workflow details. I've worked for several years in the print and web editions in Russia. I've worked as an audience interactions correspondent and as an editor in one of Russia's biggest TV-guides. Also I held a press-officer position in one of Russian NGO's. Currently I'm working as a part time editor with two online editions in Russia (this job doesn't take a lot of my time).

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