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Looking for a male dance practice partner (Bangkok)


Hi all,

I love to dance! I'm not great at it but I want to get better.

Do you dance salsa, tango, or bachata at improver level or above and want someone to practice with? If so, drop me a line.

I go out dancing socially most weeks but I'd like to find a male dance partner who is keen to practice during the week so we both improve.

Things you should know:
- I'm tall! (5'10")
- I'm improver level and haven't had many formal lessons so I don't know all the official steps or shines
- I'm not looking for a date, I really want to practice dancing :) Of course, if you're really cute... haha
- I love most dance so if you dance another style and want to teach me, I'm down with that
- I live in Ari (north on the Sukhumvit line)

Cool. If you're interested, send me a private message.


PS: Sorry if I have chosen the wrong forum to post on
PPS: If you're female and you love to dance, please also drop me a line - I go out dancing socially most weeks and would love to make more friends who also dance!

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