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moving family to BKK, questions on what to bring (Bangkok)


Hi folks,

In April, my kids and I move to BKK as my husband has been promoted in his company.

We're from the USA, and my kids are 5 and 7. His company will pay to ship our household items to us. It'll be relatively limited as our apt in BKK is furnished.

However, my kids and husband like to play Wii games together. Can I bring our Wii? I know we'll only be able to play our USA purchased games because of regional blocks. But... I don't know what kind of adaptor to get so we can use our Protected content Wii in the Protected content Thailand uses. How would I go about making any of our US purchased electronics work in BKK?

Thanks for the help! I'm sure I'll have lots of similar, "will this work?" type of questions in the future.


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