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Hello to you all.

I am a 36 year old moving to Thailand with My Thai wife and son this year,I have some business opportunities that I would like to explore but I would also be interested in advice on finding work.I have been coming to Thailand for the last 10 years and have heard it is difficult to find a well paid job for a westerner in Thailand although I have never actively looked myself.I have 17 years of experience in sales have been very successful and have a very strong will to suceed,the fact Thailand is one of the more difficult places in the world to find a well paid expat job adds to the challenge.

I am going to take the Boots on the Ground approach and seek work when I am in BKK,I am fortunate to have a house in Surin and the plan is my wife and son will join me in BKK when I have established myself.Money is not going to be an issue while I am not working and I am giving myself 12 months to make it work,if for whatever reason it does not I can return home slighty poorer but richer from the experience.

Your Thoughts and comments would be most appreciated.

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