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Personal Assistant - Co Ordinator (Bangkok)

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know of an English speaking expat in Phuket who offers a personal assistant service. I run a medical tourism company and am looking for someone who would be available to look after my medical groups whilst they are in Phuket.

General work would include meet and greet and introduce group members at accommodation site. Visit group members in hospital after surgery to make sure everything went well. Be available to organise guided day trips on the first day of arrival, with local guides and tour groups. Liase with accommodation providers on the ground to make sure everything in the accommodation is to standard. Be available by phone to answer any questions in relation to general information on guided tours, transport, where the best shopping is etc.

I would really appreciate some help here as I was planning on travelling with the groups in Protected content unfortunately I am unable to do this at this stage.

If any of you can help me please email me at Protected content

Thank you

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