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Police stopping you (Bangkok)


Now I don’t mind being stopped and searched especially after the bombs and can understand this – I have been stopped a few times - now out of the blue on the pavement walking along.

However last night I had my little bag with camera in walking along Sukhumivit just past Ekkemai BTS station – a quiet section of dark pavement – two motorcycle cops stopped – got off their bike one went in front of me and put his and out and stopped me with a little push – asking me where I was from in aggressive tones Protected content other standing at my side – “open your bag” – I was opening the bag unzipping the zipper and one tried to ram his hands in - and tried to grab the camera – I quickly turned my body away from him and got the camera out to show them “ Oh a camera – you tourist – no bomb “ I quickly walked off past them – they did say something but I just ignored.

Anybody else experience this ?? any cop scams to be aware of ?? Apart from the 2,500 immediate pay on the spot fine for littering?? to which they give immediate discount to 1,500 – to which I say no money – and walk off ignoring them

They were quiet aggressive last night and not sure if they were real cops or just fakes trying to steal my new camera ??

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