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Possibility of getting 2gether 4Thai street food? (Bangkok)

Hi everyone,

I am working in a very touristic area of Bangkok, where lots of foreigners pass by, holding their " Lonely Planet" guidebooks, asking me where certain restuarants (recommened by the guidebook) are. I always do not only assist these tourists with directions, but I also have to suggest them not to go eat in these restaurants once they are if the food is authentic. I have to tell them that the locals never once step in to these restaurants as they are meant for tourists (expensive food and not quite genuine), suggesting them to go for local street food.. well.. What do you expect when you're hanging on to tourist guidebooks for Bangkok?

Anyways most tourists I talked to came up with the similar responses to my suggestion; they don't know what to order. In other words, they don't know Thai street food dishes. Do you guys have the semilar problems to these tourists.

I wonder if there's any group of you guys getting together, just to enjoy street food in Bangkok. If there's none... why don't we get people, with the same interest of enjoying Thai street food, in group and that we can enjoy each other company while introducing street food culture?

open to any suggestions.

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