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pre-hospital emergency care in North East (Bangkok)

I am based between Khonkaen and London, and am working with Thai group in setting up new EMS service in KK. In the UK, I am a full time Ambulance Technician (EMT in terms most people understand) and I am one of a handful of 'farangs' helping with setting up a new EMS provider who will emulate the best of the European model of pre-hospital emergency care.
KK is unlike Bangkok, in that there is a structured control and dispatch system via the Protected content , which is run my the regional trauma center.
The Thai people involved have many years involvement in this area (all as volunteers) and are looking to create an outstanding service with our assistance. I am working all my free time in the UK with securing support and equipment (with quite a lot of success and great publicity over in the UK/Europe via leading trade publications and networking).
I am posting this thread to see if anyone here has contacts within the motor trade - we're looking for avenues into Ford or Toyota or similar who would be appropriate to talk to re them donating us an ambulance that has come back to dealership.
I know this is a big ask...!
One of the key aims of the new service will be to provide pre-hospital care to the growing ex-pat community in the region and this will be, in time, achieved by teaching all ambulance volunteers basic English so that they can effectively communicate and determine the needs of the patient.
If anyone has other ideas in how to support us, or directions for us to find support, please let me know!

I look forward to hearing back from some of you.


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