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Really off the beaten track (Bangkok)


What would Bangkok residents suggest for sights / city life that is really off of the beaten track ??

The perhaps not so nice areas/ urban decay – interesting local sights – weird stuff – quirky –something out of the ordinary - tourists would not know about ??

Went to the Chinese graveyard for a snoop around the other day – much information on the web inaccurate – only one site with accurate information on how to get there – (seems many locals know nothing) once found the place is huge absolutely massive – Protected content of graves some overgrown- there is a very large chicken wire gym there open from 4 am - many people picnicking between graves - lazing around and dozing– some jogging- all set in-between dead peoples graves – so mildly interesting – passed much of the morning

Any other recommendations on sights like the above- quirky interesting ???

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