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Relocating to Thailand - general questions! (Bangkok)

Hi Internations Bangkok community!

My name is George (Georgina). My husband and I are planning to relocate to Thailand with our little baby daughter and we have a few questions! I hope it's okay to ask here, and my apologies if my post includes a million repetitions of questions asked by other people!! I'd be really grateful for people's advice and tips, especially people who have children and have moved to Thailand from the UK.

Here we go!

1. First question - where in Thailand to go!? We're kind of assuming Bangkok is the best place to be, for connectivity, expat communities, work opportunities (I'm looking for work with an NGO) but we're wondering if there are other parts of Thailand that might be great for families. We would love to be near a beach, and think it would be lovely for our little one to be able to spend time outdoors and by the sea but if it means we'd be bored, then we'd prefer to be somewhere with a bustling community. We can always fly to beach locations from Bangkok...

2. What do people do about medical insurance and what are medical facilities like outside of Bangkok? It is important to us that we have access to very good medical care, in case anything happens to our daughter (or us!).

3. We're going to do a trial run of 3 months first, to see how we feel, and I am guessing a 3 month visa is going to be fairly straightforward. How easy is it to get a residential/permanent/work visa? My husband will be working remotely for a British company, so no work visa through them, and it could take me a long time to find work with an NGO, so we need a visa solution in the meantime. Can you stay for 3 months, then leave and come straight back, or are Thai immigration quite strict about that?

4. Back to the Bangkok question - is it a good place to live with kids? I worry a bit about pollution. I've visited Bangkok several times over the last 10 years but tended to go to the same sorts of places, and they were mostly central, so very built up. Are there any open spaces/parks where kids can run around and get some fresh air? What parts of Bangkok would people recommend living? Is it possible to rent a house with a garden? What are rental prices like? Also, is it possible for foreigners to buy property?

5. Does anyone have kids at at international school? Would you recommend any in particular?

Thank you all so much in advance for taking the time to help us figure out what we're doing! We're so excited :)

George, Ziad & Chloe

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