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Thai Airways flight simulator experience (Bangkok)

I had a really unique experience over the weekend, trying out a flight simulator offered through a special promotion by Thai Airways. This doesn't really have anything to do with being an expat, and to be clear I have no connection with Thai Airways, and we fly using different carriers.

The amazing part is that it was a real simulator, absolutely nothing like the PC versions I've tried before, an exact replica of a specific airline cockpit, with accurate detailed graphics ("window" views), motion, and sounds. My wife set it up but I did find a link about such a thing to share here. That link mentions a cost of 12,500 frequent flier miles to "pay" for it, and I'm really not sure if that's a good deal or not, especially since there essentially wouldn't be any alternatives. They had a lot of their staff on hand, with a few pilots helping instruct us over the weekend--I actually landed the plane, but in real life I'm sure I'd crash it--so I can't imagine that they are really breaking even in offering this sort of thing.

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