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Thailand doctor / hospital (Bangkok)



I am working in Singapore and I want to ask whether anybody know any information about LASER surgery in Thailand.

I have acne scar at my face and I am looking for LASER surgery to smoothen it.

In Singapore there is NATIONAL SKIN CENTRE but the price is quite expensive. So I am wondering whether any recommendation to do it in Thailand. I heard many Singaporean women go to Thailand for cosmetic surgery, eg : rhinoplasty or implants. But I only want to treat my acne scar.

Doctors in Singapore is very expensive. Those Singaporean women do typical plastic surgery in Thailand for SGD Protected content in Singapore may cost you $ 3,500 for the same surgery.

I found a website called Protected content but the price is not reasonable too. If the price is not competitive then I better do it in Singapore hospital as it has higher hygiene standard compare to Thailand.

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