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Thinking of relocating to Thailand (Bangkok)

Hello all, I hope I am posting this in the right place.

I am currently living and working in South Africa but my company has decided to close the local office meaning I will still have a job (I am paid out of our home office) but will have no where to work. I had been planning on relocating to Thailand or somewhere else in SE Asia 5 years from now but may decide to step up the plan.

My work keeps me traveling and more often than not I will not be in country (Thailand or where ever I decide to move) for more than Protected content at a time. I will keep my current job and be paid out of the US but just be working from and traveling from my new home in Bangkok (or wherever I end up). I will not be doing any actual work in country except remote support to our other international locations.

We do have 3 project sites in Bangkok at the moment so if a work permit is the best option I can use one of them to help me get this but I would rather not if I can do this without a work permit.

I would want to rent property and maybe eventually buy if I decide to stay longer than a few years and would like the option to own a car (though I may not exercise this option) and I would need the ability to enter and exit the country often through out the year with trips ranging from Protected content out of Thailand.

Any advice is appreciated,


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