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Volunteering for Global Citizenship Project (Bangkok)

This project is designed by a Catholic Mission Institut for the schools in the cross-border areas of Umphang district, Tak Province. It aims at encouraging the global awareness of multiculturalism and integration of some stateless persons. Our volunteering activities consist of teaching Global Citizenship through English workshop and humanities subjects. If you are interested in the project, you can apply for one week, two weeks and one month volunteering activities. Once we get your application, we will arrange an online interview, or if needed, a face-to-face interview somewhere in Bangkok.
We will take care of your accomodation during your stay in our guest house. We will pick up you from Maesot Bus Station and drop you back after the volunteering program. As the schools are in the heart of Umphang, known as one of exotic places in the northwest and famous for its hills and mountains, you could take the opportunity to take your holidays. Volunteering while spending your holidays is worth of trying.


Xaverian Institute for Cross-Border program

Send your application in this following address
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