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Working Visa but what about my girlfriend? (Bangkok)



I am presently applying for a role based in Bangkok, working for a global organisation. I will be contracted to their Thai entity and as part of this role i get the appropriate working visa arranged.

I intend for my girlfriend to come and start this new life but as we're not married i'm not sure how this works with regard getting her a visa. It's unlikely she'll work there in the short term, though the plan is she would. However before we can entertain her 'working' i need to understand HOW i get her out there with me given we're not married?

I've read about 6month visas but this is tourist only. Is there a spouse (albeit she's not my wife) or girlfriend option?

Apologies if this is a typical post but i just can't work it out and hope someone knows. If i can't get her out there, then the thai dream maybe over!

Thanks in advance

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