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Edificio Walden 7 (Barcelona)

I live in the Austin, Texas area and plan on leasing an apartment in Barcelona for a year or more . I want information on what it is like to live in the Walden 7 building. Is it a good place to live.? Since I have found no photos of the building with people, I wonder, what does anyone out there know about it.? Does it have a cafe and or other stores on the ground level? What are some of the stores? Is there a laundry area for those that do not have one in their apartment? What does it take in order to install an air conditioner? How is the area around it? Is it fairly safe, are there places to eat within walking distance? What are your favorite stores near the apartment? Does anyone out there own a 90 sg meter apartment in Walden that they want to rent for five years or more? Please add your thoughts about the site. Thank you. John Walsh Protected content

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