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Rental advice please (Barcelona)

I am looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in El Born for 12 months.
I found a property which was furnished and was advised by the agency deposit was 3 months. Should this be Negotiated to 2?

I had some questions I wanted clarifying from the owner prior to making a decision and was asked by the estate agent to put this in an email which I did. They then advised I would have to pay €500 deposit before they could answer these questions .
The answers would determine if I wanted to rent the property so I refused
Is this normal or are they trying it on?

what is the process for making an offer and what information would I expect to receive before this

The questions I was asking was whether the 2 single mattresses could be replaced with a double and a damaged table would be replaced or removed? Also if the interior could be painted as marks on all the walls
If the answer to all these were no I would have to weigh up the cost of doing them myself which would determine how much I would be able to pay

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