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Abdominal Acupuncture --Licensed TCM doctor (Beijing)

Angella Zheng:
Licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncturist
Licensed psychological therapist in China
Fluent English 

My Specialty is Abdominal acupuncture. It is effective, painless and safe.

Here are some examples of common diseases this method is effective for:

-- Gynecological disease such as: hyperplasia of mammary glands, climacteric syndrome;

-- Gastrointestinal Diseases, such as: Gastroesophageal reflux;

-- Frequent micturition,backache, eyestrain, loss of hair, due to the kidney deficiency;

-- Infertility and sterility; E.D.;

-- Management of blood sugar and pressure, blood fat and fatty liver;

-- Weight management;

-- Post-surgery recovery;

-- Sub-health status related symptoms, such as: tiredness, anxiety, poor sleep quality;

The TCM theory looks at the human body as a whole. Imbalance of Yin and Yang is often the most common cause of illness. Acupuncture as an ancient method, helps the human body to restore balance with its own energy – through stimulation of acupoints, re-disseminating Qi, or initiating a healthier circulation of Qi. 

The method I use - Abdominal acupuncture, is a bit different from traditional acupuncture skills. Abdominal acupuncture applies the Eight Diagrams on the abdomen to balance internal organs and treats the specific body parts which correspond to relative points on the abdomen. It is:

1. Effective: most patients report immediate improvement after treatments. A body checkup before and after a period of treatment is highly recommended.

2. Safe: the needles only stay in the fat layer, and does not go into muscles.

3. Painless: regular needles used are φ0.18mm. they are pretty much as thin as human hair,creating no "needling" feelings

WORKING HOURS: every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 9: Protected content & 13: Protected content


1. Scheduling an appoint for diagnosis: ¥50/appointment; 

2. Acupuncture treatment: ¥300/treatment; one session consists of 10 treatments, and comes with an extra free treatment. Also, here's a 20% off before Mar. 31st., Protected content .

Paying for a whole session does save ¥50 each time and comes with one free treatment, however it is NOT recommended unless one treatment has been tried and effects shown.


Each people may respond differently towards same treatments
Persistence of bad habits does not help treatment effects

Please contact me before coming for a treatment and bring formal examination results if possible

The hospital does not take international credit cards. Chinese credit cards, debit cards, WeChat, Alipay and cash are acceptable.

For more information, please contact me via WeChat ID : AngellaZheng.

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