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Dreamer in Motion - Art Exhibition (Beijing)


George Mitrevski and Candy Tang Duo Exhibition
Opening Night : Thursday, 13th November Protected content
Thursday, 13th November Protected content Sunday, 14th December Protected content

As the cold winter nights come into Shanghai, O.Gallery invited one and all to escape the chill and wrap themselves in the comfort of amazing art works and the warmth of good company in the opening night of the DREAMER IN MOTION, hosted by O.Gallery. In which featured the works of a foreign artist, George Mitrevski and a talented Chinese artist, Candy Tang
Thursday, November 13th, an opening night at O.Gallery is the perfect way to get out and experience the wonders that Shanghai has to offer. An opening night at O.Gallery is always an affair to remember. Chinese locals and foreign attendees gather themselves, enjoying the complimentary wine and tapas at the same time enjoying the work of arts. On that chilly Thursday evening, the artists, Gorge Mitrevski and Candy Tang were presented, in which the guests could directly meet and greet the artist.

The first artist, George Mitrevski, he is a Macedonian, he came to Shanghai, has been featured in many exhibitions throughout Europed and United States. His work merely focuses on photography and graphic design, it actually can be seen through his works on many music album covers and books. In recent years, as we mentioned earlier, he’s more into photography, in which was the highlights of DREAMER IN MOTION. Not only that, George is also trying his luck into the world of performance and music. He is indeed a talented artist and the exhibition itself was one of the many ways of him showing his talents to the world.
As for Candy Tang, she is a Chinese local artist, every each of her work depicts the story of his life. And she’s also a talented artist, through DREAMER IN MOTION, he showed his talent to the world, what he has and what kind of artist he is.

This exhibition will be started on the 13th of November and it will last until 14th of December, everyone is welcomed to come and enjoy the arts itself. The art itself is actually more to the abstract side, so that any viewers can use their own imagination, though it actually came from the specific part of the artists’ experiences and memories, moreover, it also depicts the artists’ life stories, a glimpse of the story of their lives.

In every successful event, there is always a man behind it, in this case its JP Lam, a sole proprietor and the Art Director of O.Gallery. O.Gallery itself has featured several well-known and talented artists in the gallery, and actually the Art Director, JP Lam, personally ‘hand-picked’ the ‘art’. Not only O.Gallery, JP Lam is also the Director of O-marketing, a notable marketing and public relations firm which also focuses on art and fashion.

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