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MBA, why in China? (Beijing)

Brazilian studying an MBA in China...

Since I started to tell people that I'm going to China, I have been facing two types of reactions.

1st reaction: you're crazy ... the other side of the world ... that people eat dog ... you'll have to learn to eat scorpions and grasshoppers ... McDonalds in there, the number one is Mc Dog and number 2 is Mc Scorpion... it is impossible to understand those people .... you will leave everything behind, you`re nuts ...

2nd reaction: what a opportunity... China is the hot spot... so and so went to China to import such thing, and now he is doing really well.... the best thing you will do to your life ... that`s the perfect moment.... will be my first rich friend (Carlos William - rsrsrs)....
At the beginning of the century, China's economy was the seventh in the world. Currently, it ranks second. Since Protected content has become the largest trading partner of Brazil. In Protected content had a positive trade balance of 5.2 billion. The detail is that 92.9% of what Brazil sold to China were: Iron Ore, Soya (derivatives) and Oil.

Who sells Iron Ore? Who sells Oil?

So, only the "super power" Brazilian companies could pave the way to sell for the Chinese.

Imagine when the large and medium-sized Brazilian entrepreneurs open market to sale to Asians.

From my understanding, this will only happen if Brazilians become able to understand the Chinese and vice versa. In other words, the training of professionals with an emphasis on commercial development of this relationship is mandatory to the success of this partnership.

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