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Take the highway "ticket" to your success! (Beijing)

Take the highway ticket to your success in China! The ticket is just a Business VIP Mandarin course. Every business starts from a "Guanxi" in China as you know. The language and culture are the key to start a "guanxi". So if you don't know Chinese enough, you can't make a good communication, then how could you succeed here? We have an famouse idiom about success, it says "知己知彼,百战百胜",which means you have to know each other then you will not lose competions. If you agree with me, keep reading the following introduction of the Business Mandarin Course.

商务汉语Business Mandarin
Suitable for: For foreigners working in Beijing, international students whose major is related to economic and trade, and all of learner who are interested in business Mandarin.
Student Level: New HSK level three or had Chinese Class more than Protected content .
Teaching Object: Deal with general business events in Chinese.
Course Introduction: By the practice of business negotiation, banquet reception, airport pick-up and seeing-off, etc. students can know Chinese business culture, custom, and the thinking way of Chinese people more broadly. Thus make the students avoid of cultural clashes, build good international relationships and improve work efficiency. The textbooks are prepared on the base of the basic request of HSK and BCT (Business Chinese Test) and our business teaching experience.

If you are interested in this course, maybe you want to know more about the school who offers it.
BJCC Language School
BJCC is the short name for Beijing Chinese Converge, operated by Beijing Chinese Converging International Communications Ltd. We are conveniently located in Beijing’s CBD (Central Business District). As a competitive professional language school, we offer specialized courses in Business Chinese, along with general courses in Chinese language and culture.

If you read this post until this part, could I think you would like to contact us for more details or a free trial lesson?
Email: Protected content
Tel: Protected content
WeChat: ChineseCenter (You can find it under social account, and we post Chinese learning tips daily for free.)
Waiting for you here! You will get a surprise!

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