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we finding students and partner (Beijing)

Ideal Mandarin is a leading Chinese language School in Beijing, People's Republic of China. Since Protected content . we are not only providing Mandarin education programs, but also cultural activities to all foreigners who wish to enhance their knowledge about this fascinating country, its history and traditions, as well as its modern appearance. Our high quality Chinese language teaching will meet every student's requirements to improve his or her language level. Our experienced teachers are prepared to start from any individual level and can customize the content to your actual needs. To best suit your learning style, both private lessons and group study sessions are available. Specialized courses in "Survival Chinese", preparation for HSK, and business Chinese provide you with exactly the vocabulary and situations (e.g. role plays) you need, and we are always happy to combine our language courses with in-depth insight about Chinese wisdom, customs, culture, history, and contemporary business practices. Joining our frequent cultural activities make it fun to acquire knowledge, our social events makes it easy for you to blend in and avoid culture shocks & miscommunications in China . Let's promptly begin and succeed in the educational journey to build genuine Chinese charisma, character, and connections with correct communications. "Languages Open Your World," let's create more opportunities in China for you with Ideal Mandarin Study, We want make friends all over the world and are happy to provide Chinese teaching careers. Our goal is to help students who love learning Chinese in the worldwide. We will provide them the best quality teaching services, To this aim, we sincerely invite friends to come and join our team, as our strategic partner or teacher!

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