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Sanyora and 14 March gangsters calls for civil war in Lebanon (Beirut)

After two years of continuous attempts to provoke civil war in Lebanon, and after all the efforts the Lebanese Opposition did to stop any armed conflicts in Lebanon, the Sanyora government decided to launch war against Lebanese People.

The future movement militia and the 14 march thugs attacked the Labor Union strike and protests and even used machine guns and grenades. Unlike the previous times, where these militia killed Lebanese students in Beirut Arab University or during protests, this time the Opposition, and specifically Hizballah decided to defend themselves and fire back.

The Lebanese unconstitutional government took decisions to destroy Hizballah telecom network and to bring Hizballah leaders and members to courts!!!! which was considered by Hizballah a war and a service to Israel.

Sanyora, Walid Jumblat, Saad Hariri and the rest of the gangsters are trying to impress their master George Bush and the Royal oppressors in Saudi Arabia and they are ready to sacrifice Lebanon and the life of Lebanese people for this, like they did it before.

Lebanon is not for rent and it will not be another Bush Colony in the Middle East. Sanyora, Bush and their thugs can understand that the easy way or the hard way.

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