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  • David Hicks

    Thanks to my network on InterNations, I already had some contact persons to ask for support on coming to Oslo.

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Bergen — the city of the Seven Mountains — is one of the most stunning places on Earth. If you are new to the Norwegian city we recommend you join InterNations, the largest network for expats and global minds. Our members are friendly and helpful and will try to answer any questions you have about moving to the city, whether they are about local taxes, transportation options, or leisure facilities. Our community also holds regular events where you can get to know other expats who have made their home in Bergen, giving you access to a whole new social circle in the city.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you are moving to another country or going on a business trip somewhere — our communities around the world are there to make you feel at home wherever you are. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Singapore or Dubai.

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What Can You Expect from Expat Life in Bergen?

Bergen is a city with a rich history, but it is just as exciting a place to live today as it was in the distant past. The Bergen International Festival and the Bergen International Film Festival are two of the most important dates in the city's cultural calendar and are a must for those who are new to the city. Local people speak Bergensk, which is the German-influenced native dialect of Bergen. Often referred to as the street art capital of Norway, Bergen has a long-term plan to protect public artworks and ensure they can be enjoyed by residents of the city. Bergen is a great place to live for those who love the outdoors, as it has beautiful beaches such as one located on Lake Tennebekktjørna in the Nipedalen Valley, while there are also copious hiking and walking trails to explore.

InterNations is the largest global network for expatriates, with communities in 420 cities around the world. Meet fellow global minds in your city of residence or get to know local expatriates before you're moving or traveling abroad and never feel like a stranger. InterNations makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your expat friends, both online and offline, so you can grow your network of friends and contacts from all over the world. Whether they live in London or Singapore, InterNations allows you to be close to them even if they are miles away.

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Becoming a member of the InterNations Bergen Community is a great way to find out more about the city and make new friends in the local area. Members of the group hail from all over the world, including Switzerland and the UK, and will do their best to answer any questions about Bergen you may have. You can meet other members at our social and networking events held at classy venues across town. By joining one of groups for different hobbies and interests, you can continue having fun doing your favorite activities while settling into life in Bergen. If there isn't a group started yet for your hobby, why not start your own?

  • David Hicks

    Thanks to my network on InterNations, I already had some contact persons to ask for support on coming to Oslo.

  • Amelie Barreau

    Enjoying the great spirit of our InterNations’ Oslo Community for the last few months, I am absolutely convinced of the vision to bring people from different nations together.

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