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Have some questions on moving to Bergen


I am from the States and am applying to the academy of art located there, and had a few questions about the student visa requirements. It states that you need 77,400 NOK ($12,000 roughly) as proof of sufficient living funds. I've heard they aren't so strict about having the exact amount, but I've also heard they are. I would have most of it plus a credit card, but I was wondering if they would reject my student visa is I didn't have the exact amount required?

I'm also having trouble locating housing that allows dogs. I only have one dog and she is quiet as a mouse and really well behaved, but I've searched for apartments in Bergen that would be close to the Academy and most don't allow pets and the ones that do are far too expensive. Is there any good sites for finding apartments? (I know of, but not sure of any others).

Lastly, I was wondering how the process is for getting a work visa while I study as I would need income once I'm there to help pay for living expenses. I will only have an associates degree at the time but would be working towards my BFA if I get accepted to the academy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and any help is greatly appreciated.

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