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Tarot Cards, Astrology & Magical Alternatives! (Bergen)

Hey all :)
My name is Mia ~ my nickname Miki!
I am a gypsy from far and wide... born in Europe, but spending most of my life in different places in Australia.... Have traveled from third world to the west and have studied and practiced magical holistic arts for over a decade.
Professionally of course I am a trained/experienced Social Worker, but in my spare time AI have been known to run my own business offering tarot readings and healings including :Reiki/Reconnective...

I am very FRESH and new to Bergen and coming here during the cooler part of the year is a little challenging, but also a little mystical for me! I will have quite a bit of spare time during my time here... (I may be staying for up to 12 months, but lets see)

I am looking to connect with like-minded individuals... I like a little bit of intellect, mixed with a little bit of alternative open-ness.... I am not really a hippy, but you could easily mistake me for one. Generally I care about our planet, our bodies, but more so our soul consciousness....

Anyways just wondering if anyone can recommend any places to investigate that may offer meditation, Reiki, Tarot, Astrology etc... and if not any tips on me starting something like this.... Currently unable to offer from my home, but open to ideas!

Would love to talk to anyone interested in any mystical topics or just life really!
I like magic, but I'm also into reality....

Alternatively I am happy to discuss anything human rights based, NGO's, my experience as torture/trauma counselor, working with asylum seekers and refugees, working with kids, families & displaced people.... :)

Love and Blessings....


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