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TherapyCounseling Opportunity for English Speakers (Bergen)

Hello Bergen Community,

I am an American mental health counseling student who has recently moved here to Norway. This transition has brought many ups and downs for me as I am sure it has for all of you as well! Now I am both in need and offering my assistance is a peculiar situation to be in but perhaps I can help someone out there. :)

To explain:

As part of my clinical training, I must do a certain number of supervised clinical rotation hours providing counseling/therapeutic services. As you can imagine, it is difficult to find these opportunities in a new country, especially without being fluent in Norwegian yet! Luckily, I have been able to enlist the assistance of some wonderful people and a great local organization that will allow me to begin this practice.

I wanted to reach out to you, my peers, first and to offer my time and education to serve the english-speaking community. I believe that it is essential, especially in life transitions, to maintain good mental health. Sometimes, having a listening ear is all we need and, at others, we must dig deeply and seek out guidance and regular support for finding our new paths.

The organization that I will be working with is called Kompasset. You may find out information on if you are interested. Chiefly, this organization seeks to assist the children of substance-abusers (be that drugs, alcohol, and the like) and serves the population Protected content old. However, for my practice, I am very open to a variety of types of clients as long as it is approved by my supervisors.
Please know that any counseling services are provided at novice level; however, professional supervision and guidance is available at all times.

I know the opportunity to seek counseling/therapy can be quite long here in Norway so my hope is that I could help to provide some more immediate action for those who may need it. I am passionate about this field but in all candor, it would be exceptionally helpful for my own personal and career development to learn and grow with each unique individual I meet.

If any of you, my fellow expats, are interested in more information or may know of someone who may benefit from these services, please message me privately and we can set up additional communication.

Best wishes in the new year.

Love and peace,


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