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Event Recommendation of the Week: Gipsy Restaurant (Berlin)

Last week I've been to the GIPSY RESTAURANT in Berlin Mitte. And since this was an absolute wonderful evening I just want to share my impressions with people who are interested in discovering new unique places in Berlin.

My italian friend Luca and me were really amazed about the beauty of the old Ballroom upstairs from "Clärchens Ballhaus". This is a salon that has not been renovated during the past Protected content and provides therefore a very unique and original charme. The high ceiling with its art nouveau ornaments and old furnitures. That all really appears like a film coulisse. It has been furnished with little white covered tables. Candles and fresh beautiful flowers were decorated on each table. The middle of the salon was equiped with a little stage.

Then at 8 o'clock one gipsy musician after the other went in and started playing, drum, bass, violine, 2 guitars and a saxophone. They played such a wonderful repertoire of jazz standards in a very spirited and passionate way. I do not know if this band is always playing but it was just great!

The menue was offering vaious wines and dishes like gipsy steaks with hot peperoni and potatoes baked with garlic for something like 16 Euro. Also gipsy pizza was available Yummy! :-) So this is my tip for the week.

If you are looking for a romantic place? I would go there!! If you have any questions or comments, just contact me. If you want to go you should definetly make a reservation at "Clärchens Ballhaus". I will be there on Thursday, 9th with some friends again ;-)

Do you also have unique recommendations as a new tip for next week?

bye-bye, Bernhard

Address: Clärchens Ballhaus
Gipsy Restauarant (upstairs, 1st floor) - only Thursdays!!!
Auguststr. 24
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Tel: Protected content

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