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free your voice - vocal instruction in Berlin

My name is Samuel Thiel. I am a singer and teacher of singing in Berlin. My studio has produced many successful singers in various genres from classical, modern, musical to jazz and R&B. A partial list of my professional students in addition to more information about me and my work can be found on my website, Protected content . The basis of my teaching is classical technique which should not be understood as having to make a certain kind of sound. It is more about freeing the voice and allowing it to function naturally. My method has produced a number of very competent "cross-genre" singers - capable of authentic performance in several styles.

My studio in Berlin is located in a beautiful garden courtyard Protected content from Bahnhof Zoo and 15 minutes from Potsdamer Platz with the underground.

I am also promoting a project called "singing for the mature person".. a workshop for people who want to sing but are afraid they're too old to learn. One can improve the voice at just about any age. There are many health benefits from singing...not only the improvement of breath and posture but even an increase in proteins related to the immune system. Singing is also great fun!

I conduct Seminars across Europe for singers and speakers - or simply people who are interested or curious about the voice. I am happy to provide full information about this and any other project (Seminar for Opera and Art Song - for example) by email. Protected content .

Thank you for your interest and your time...I am looking forward to meeting some fellow expats and I always like to hear a new voice.

Samuel Thiel

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