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the nice collection, Su embroidery of China (Berlin)


Are you knew of Su embroidery from China?

Do you prefer a unique, handmade piece of Su embroidery?

About Su embroidery, be one of the four famous Chinese embroideries. Su embroidery has a history of about 2,000 years, originating in the Three Kingdoms Period ( Protected content ). According to historical records, Su embroidery became so popular during the Ming Dynasty ( Protected content ) that people even named lanes with names associated with silk and its embroidery. Nearly every family raised silkworms and embroidered. Su embroidery reached its peak during the Qing Dynasty ( Protected content ). 

Su embroidery is known for its delicacy and elegance. It has a wide range of themes. Its techniques include both single faced embroidery and unique double-faced embroidery that looks the same from either side. Double-sided embroidery has the same pattern on both sides and uses the same embroidering method that does not show the joins in the stitches. Basic features of Su embroidery are simple composition, clear theme, vivid image, and gentle color. In recent times, Su embroidery design has absorbed some western painting techniques. The design is usually very simple, high lighting a main theme. Its stitching is smooth, dense, thin, neat, even, delicate and harmonious, etc. The thin thread (pure silk) is divided into up to 48 strands that are barely visible to the naked eye. In terms of categories, Su embroidery has stage costumes, embroidery fabrics and hanging screens, etc. Su embroidery products were sent to participate in the Panama World Fair in Protected content . Since then, the style has become increasingly famous throughout the world.

If you interest the nice collection, please contact me.

Looking forward to meet you!

Helene from Shanghai

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