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Cats hotel / cats sitter with some skills (Bern)

Hi all pet owners / lovers,

Does anyone have any suggestions, contacts or recommendations on pets care-takers who could look after a cat with some bladder issues?

Our male cat, K, has this special condition of not being able to pee (due to a spinal damage years back) so his bladder needs to be expressed daily - usually twice is at minimum. For the rest he is a very healthy and happy bouncing cat.
I do this as part of my daily routine since the last 4 years, although I have no vet/nurse background, as I learned it by trying; and of course practice makes perfect!
I moved here in Bern a year ago (with my cats, K & T) and have struggled finding the right tierpension / tierheim / petsitter for whenever we go away on holiday and cannot bring K&T along.

I wish anyone could suggest a place:
- Where our two cats can stay by themselves (not in a cattery), even during high-season.
- With a person who is able (or willing to learn) to squeeze the bladder and administer the proper food / pill as prescribed.
- Alternatively a reliable pet-sitter living in Bern with the 'squeezing-skill'.

Thank you

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