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Save $ on Your Taxes (Bologna)

There are many benefits to consider when you start your own marketing business.

This information alone could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year.

Do you pay taxes?

The middle class, which includes most of us, are asked to pay a lot of income tax.

This business is your opportunity to experience some of the same tax benefits the wealthy enjoy.

You can get started in a highly profitable home business for less monetary investment than you think … and you may be able to deduct expenses such as:

- Your vehicle
- Your home office
- Meals and entertainment
- Your children
- Travel
- And more

You can never lose a properly documented business deduction as long as you run your business with a legitimate business purpose and have an honest expectation of profit.

Good news, right?

Become a Profitable Social Networker

By now you’ve heard of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg, etc. And chances are you have an account with one or more of these “Social Networking” sites. These sites are fun and have great power to connect with people. But what if you could connect to people and earn a little extra money for doing so?

With all resources available today, you can combine your personal network, your online social networks and your new friends in your business network to grow your new business. Because so many of the resources in Web 2.0 and Social Media are free, people don’t have to be face to face to get all the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing. You could now attract people to this product using more resources than ever before. Rather than investing hundreds of dollars in advertising or buying leads, you have access to hundreds of your real-life acquaintances and colleagues all at your fingertips because of the Internet.

Using Technology to Get Ahead

“A growing number of distributors are placing orders through their company’s web site instead of using the usual faxes or snail-mail orders. Distributors are using … web sites for help in recruitment and training … and as a channel for customer reordering.” – Fortune, The Power Issue, vol. 148, No. 3

By sending people to your site, the hard work is done for you! Your site presents the opportunity to each person in a way that allows them to choose the information they want to see. Then, it helps you close the deal and train your new distributor through email, video and other media.

Your job is to get people in front of the system and the site even teaches you how to do that.

It’s Easy to Try Network Marketing

Right now, we’re all being a little more careful with our money. You don’t see many people opening their own commercial business. It’s expensive and risky. Not with Network Marketing. Actually, more people look at building their own business through Network Marketing when the economy gets scary.


Because of the low cost of entry. And there is no better way to start a business than with Network Marketing. That’s all. And the only risk is in how hard you decide to work to tell people about the product or service you promote. It’s a decision that could fuel your desire to succeed at a home business and, possibly work your way out of the “corporate” market.

Network Marketing is safe, easy and a convenient way to explore more income possibilities without quitting your current job or investing a ton of money in a risky commercial business plan.

The Rewards Are More than Monetary

At this point you have an idea of the personal, social and economical benefits of starting your own Network Marketing business. What other perks could there be?

Consider these benefits:

- Set your own hours.
- More free time for yourself and/or family.
- Take vacations when it is convenient for you.
- No stressful or expensive commuting.
- Freedom from corporate structure and pressure.
- Potential to earn life-changing income.
It’s Not Just a Sales Job

I hope you can see why I like being in business for myself so much. Aside from being the best opportunity in the current economy, you get these benefits:

- Tax write offs and benefits
- A new social network that helps you earn money
- Cutting-edge technology—easier to be in business than ever
- Easy to try … even while you’re still working your day job
- Lifestyle improvement—time, money, vacations, lower stress

I’m ready to talk more when you are.

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