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  • Martin Wieslinger

    How am I going to manage in Bratislava? That was my first thought. Through InterNations I attended a few nice events and eventually I began to like it here.

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Employment in Bratislava

Local Economy

As the capital city, Bratislava has one of the strongest and most dynamic local economies in Slovakia, which accounts for over a quarter of the country’s total GDP. The city’s GDP per capita (PPP) of 41,800 EUR is the fifth highest of all regions in the EU member states. Whilst Bratislava’s economy was once based around manufacturing and traditional industry, it has over the last decade transitioned to a hi-tech service-based economy, whilst keeping some of its original manufacturing firms. There are many major corporations that are based or have offices in the city, including Dell, Lenovo, AT&T, and IBM. Expatriates working in Bratislava tend to be employed in senior or technical positions in computing, research and development, or software production, or as English teachers.

Work Permits for Bratislava

Citizens of EU/EEA countries will not need a permit to work in Bratislava, but they will need to register their presence in order to gain a residence permit. However, citizens of non-EU/EEA nations will need a work permit. These work permits must be applied for before moving to Bratislava, and often before your application can be submitted you will first need to gain approval from the Slovakian Labor, Social Affairs and Family Office, which is often obtained by your prospective employer in Bratislava. Therefore it is advised that expatriates do not apply for a work permit until they have secured work in Bratislava, as this will be beneficial for your application. Work permits for non-EU citizens are issued on a temporary basis, but can be renewed.

Taxation in Slovakia

Expatriates working and living in Bratislava will be required by law to pay income tax on their earnings. However, the earnings on which you will be required to pay tax at Slovakian rates depend on your residency status. As an expatriate or foreigner living and working in Bratislava for more than 183 days in a fiscal year, you are considered a resident for tax purposes, and a result you will be required to pay income tax at Slovakian rates on your worldwide income. However, should you live and work in Bratislava for less than 183 days in a fiscal year, you will pay income tax at Slovakian rates only on your Slovakian income. Slovakia has a two-tiered tax system, which means that your total income tax payment depends on which income band you fall into. The income taxations rates for expatriates and foreigners working in Bratislava for 2015 are as follows:

  • Up to 34,400 EUR — 19%
  • In excess of 34,401 EUR — 25%

There is also a personal allowance of 3,735 EUR, but this no longer applies once your income exceeds 34,401 EUR. You will also be required to pay social contributions on top of income tax.

Jun 15, 2024, 7:00 PM
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Hey Bratislava friends, Join us for another fantastic evening at Simply Cafe! Located near the Presidential Palace, we're bringing you the finest wines from Slovakia. Mingle with new friendly faces

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  • Martin Wieslinger

    How am I going to manage in Bratislava? That was my first thought. Through InterNations I attended a few nice events and eventually I began to like it here.

  • Marleen Jansen

    Bratislava wasn't an easy move for us. Then I joined InterNations and found a job for myself, a car for my partner and a nanny for the kids.

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