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19th century Historical Ship (Bremen)

Dear Internations,
As one of your ambassadors, I try to think about activites, events that could be interresting for you.
I was moreover thinking of foreigners like me, who moved to Germany and are far from their friends and familly and have no other choices than trying to get more in contact with others here.
The German Maritime Museum, located in Bremerhaven, has a Museum Harbor and some historical ships. In summer you can visit them if you like.
One of them is the Grönland, a nice sailing ship that was one of the first one going for Research Expedition in the Polar region.

Every second saturday of the month, a group of people meet at the ship to maintain it. Even without any skills you can join, this is for free... and if you are engaged enough they mya even take you on a sailing trip... they go out to Helgoland for example regularly.

If you are interrested let me know.


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