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Hello and is anyone in or near to Durban? (Bristol)

Hello, apologies, but I'm in need of some help for a friend of mine who is in the UK.

She's had her late parents belongings in storage in Montclaire for a few years, but has just been informed that they need to be moved within a week or they will be disposed of. These are the last belongings she has of her late parents, so she is understandably stressed and upset at the prospect of losing them but is unable to fly out due to personal difficulties at the moment to sort this out.

She's been quoted £ Protected content ship them but that is out of her budget, so I was hoping someone on here may know of a local removals company that might be able to wrap the belongings, most already in boxes and ship them over to the UK?

She can't afford to lose the money by trusting someone randomly, so if I can source a local removals company that can help, hopefully we can get this sorted out.

Any help/advice much appreciated. Thank you.

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