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Workshop - from an expat to expats (25th Oct) (Bristol)

The workshop will give you important tools that will help you through your journey. You might have just arrived in UK, been here for a few months or even for more than a year and you feel that there is an area of your life that you want to improve, or change.

This coaching workshop is delivered from an expat to expats.

I have relocated from Cyprus to Bristol two years ago, it was my first move out of my country.

From personal experience I know that relocation has some challenges, including:
-Establishing your social life, meet people, make new friends;
-Adapt to a new culture, especially if you have moved from another country;
-New job: colleagues, responsibilities;
-Build your daily routine from scratch

My personal experiences have driven my motivation to help other people facing similar challenges in their lives.

I am a life coach/personal performance coach, helping other people to achieve their goals/ dreams much quicker than they could have done themselves. I am a facilitator to their journey.

You can find more about the workshop and book your tickets at:
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