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Need some help with accomodation!:) (Bristol)

Dear Bristol members, I'm panicking at the moment. I am to-be architecture student in the UWE and the problem is that i cannot sort out my accomodation. At first I guess I was a little bit too picky, but now when the A levels results are here there are a lot of British students looking for accomodation and it seems that they are taking all best bits. It is quite hard for me to rent something as I cannot do viewings and the thing that most properties are houses rented for groups does not make it easier. I tried to form few groups with English students but they seem to change their minds every few seconds and its hard to arrange anything. If anyone can help me to find a room near Frenchay/Fishponds/Filton area I would be very grateful. My budget is not huge, I am willing to spend up to Protected content a month including all bills, but the cheaper the better! Any help is appreciated and thanks everyone for reading. I am arriving at the 13 of September and I am really worried that I will be homeless :(

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