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  • Suzanne Payne

    "Dubai is such an overwhelming mixture of tradition and modernity that I was very grateful for all the support from other expats."

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Estimates put the number of Brits living abroad at around five million. In other words, almost one in every ten people born in Britain will move elsewhere, permanently, in their lives. From America to Australia, sunny Spain to Scandinavia, destinations across the world have their own appeal for British citizens. But what does taking the step and moving abroad really feel like? One thing is certain, and that is that there really is no one way to feel. A change as big as this brings nervousness and excitement, often in equal measure. You may find yourself looking forward to croissants on the balcony in the morning, while also wondering how you will go without your favourite greasy spoon. As you embrace your new life and surroundings, spending time with people who remind you of home can be a great way to stay positive.

How to Meet Other British Expats

Meeting up with others who are making the same adjustments to their lives and routines as you are can be helpful as you begin your adventure in a new country. That’s why getting to know fellow British expats is so important when you move abroad. Established in 2007, InterNations is the largest expat network with over 4 million members. It’s a trusted community offering a range of experiences that bring global minds together, and Brits are one of the largest nationalities! Attending InterNations events is a great way to connect with fellow Brits abroad. Whatever interests or hobbies you may have brought with you from home, there will almost certainly be an opportunity for you to develop them further in your new community, and make new friends as you do so! We have a huge range of online and in person events on offer, perfect for finding out about the culture and history of your new city, or getting a few tips on expat life there.

A Few Facts about British Expats

InterNations conducts an annual survey of expats worldwide called Expat Insider, looking at questions like why they moved abroad, how long they plan to stay, and how happy they are.
Here’s what British respondents shared about their experiences:

  • The most common reasons for Brits to move abroad are for love (following their partner to their home country) and for a better quality of life (with more reliable weather).
  • 79% of Brits feel at home in their destination, compared to a global average of 67%.
  • 70% of Brits are happy with their social lives in their destination, compared to a global average of 59%.
  • 52% of Brits say that they would stay abroad ‘possibly forever’, compared to a global average of 33%.

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The Top Countries for British Expats

So where can you find other Brits living abroad? InterNations has 420 communities in 166 countries. These countries are the most popular destinations for British expats:

British Expat Communities in Europe

Spain, France, and Germany are the most common destinations for British expats, so it is clear that Europe remains a favourite place to live, work, or retire. The chance to escape dreary British weather, and experience the great food, wine, and cultures are definitely some of the main reasons that Brits are drawn towards their continental neighbours.

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

British Expat Communities in Asia

Drawn in by the continent’s vast diversity and unique charm, many Brits choose to relocate further afield, to cities across Asia. Thailand is particularly popular among British expats of all ages, who often move there looking for an adventure.

British Expat Communities in North America

Being able to relocate to a country with the same native tongue as our own is key in understanding why so many Brits ‘go stateside’. Language provides a sense of familiarity abroad, even as we get used to the many ways that American culture differs from our own.

British Expat Communities in Africa

Africa boasts a wealth of destinations that are ideal for British expats looking to experience a lot of beauty and culture abroad. With a rich history, incredible landscape, and great opportunities for connecting with fellow expats, it’s easy to see why people are so drawn to this continent.

British Expat Communities in Oceania

While moving Down Under might seem like a huge change for Brits, it remains a popular choice among expats. Go for barbecues on the beach, stay for the relaxed lifestyle, breath-taking views, and fascinating flora and fauna.

British Expat Communities in South- & Middle America

Brits looking for friendly people, delicious cuisine, and new experiences can take their pick of the many countries in South America.

  • Suzanne Payne

    "Dubai is such an overwhelming mixture of tradition and modernity that I was very grateful for all the support from other expats."

  • Jonathan Brown

    "InterNations is the ideal networking site for me. I use it for private as well as for business contacts here in St.Petersburg. Great!"

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