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Life in Brno

Culture and Leisure

Brno is one of the cultural centers of central Europe. Its culture is a distinct mix of traditional and modern Czech and Moravian (the name for the region in which the city is situated) cultures and the city hosts many cultural festivals and events throughout the year. Brno is a very historical city, and has hundreds of different monuments, buildings and historical sites that draw tourists from across Europe. The most famous cultural site in Brno is the Vila Tugendhat, which is one of the finest examples of functionalist architecture in Europe, and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just outside of the city there are many green areas and open spaces, like the Marian Valley in Líšeň and the surrounding Moravian countryside. Brno also has many theaters, art galleries, and museums that are open all year round.

Healthcare in Brno

Expatriates living in Brno will have access to the free public healthcare system provided that they have a long-term residence permit and are paying their health insurance contributions. Expatriates living in Brno on a short or long-term visa will not have access to free healthcare, and therefore should take out comprehensive medical insurance. However, EU citizens will have access to some free treatment if they are in possession of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The public healthcare system in the Czech Republic is of a good standard, and many doctors will speak some English. In fact, expatriates living in Brno will be able to choose their own GP, and there are many 24 hour pharmacies. However, should you wish to take out private medical insurance, there are a number of excellent private healthcare facilities located in the city.

Education in Brno

Expatriates living in Brno will be able to send their children to public schools free of charge. However, whilst the public school system ranks amongst the best in Europe, the fact that lessons are taught in Czech means that many expatriates living in Brno instead send their children to English speaking international schools. As a popular expatriate destination, Brno has a number of international schools that would be suitable for the children of expatriates living in the city, including the International School of Brno, and the Czech Republic International House School, Brno. Brno also has a long tradition of providing excellent higher education, in line with the rest of the Czech Republic. The city is home to many universities, many of which specialize in technology, software, engineering, and medicine. The most notable include the Brno University of Technology, which was established in 1899, and Masaryk University, which is the biggest in the city.

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  • Paul Zimmerer

    Over InterNations, I quickly got in touch with some business partners in Prague and other cities in the Eastern European market.

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