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Listen to your body (Brussels)


Did you know that the body has its own intelligence? It is the reason why diets, in general, don’t work. When you diet, most often, instead you end up gaining weight. If this resonates with you, this lecture is created to give you more insight into your body’s wisdom. Once you understand your body, it is easier to reach your ideal. To eat is one of the great pleasures of life and should not be loaded with anxiety. It is easier to lose weight when you understand the body’s intelligence.

My name is Katarina Winslow; I am an intuitive healer and therapist with in-depth knowledge of the psychological aspects of nutrition. In my last lecture, I spoke about the soul “Listen to your soul - it has the answers.” This time I will talk about the body and weight issues.

🌸On Thursday 28 February @ 19h30 🌸Champaca 🌸Holistic center for natural therapy 🌸227 Avenue Brugmann 🌸 Protected content

🌸I will share with you my past difficulties in relationship to my body and explain how to get out of a repetitive dieting pattern. I will also briefly cover Intuitive healing, other addictions, and bulimia.

Some people need support and guidance on the path to change their life through therapy sessions, but here I will already give you several key insights that will help you to improve the perception and understanding of your body and how to feed yourself.

There are six simple concepts you need to understand to feel good about yourself.

1. The survival of the body
2. The pleasure of taste
3. The beneficent nutrition
4. The benevolent selection
5. The sustainable patience
6. The logic of balance

This conférence is for you if;

🌸 You want to lose weight.
🌸 You suffer from bulimia.
🌸 You want to learn how to become friends with food.
🌸 You want to become friends with your body.
🌸 You want to stop eternal yo-yo dieting patterns.
🌸 You want to understand the intelligence of the body.
🌸 You want more pleasure in your life.


🌸 The lecture is not adapted for people with Anorexia which is a completely different psychological positioning.
🌸 The lecture is focusing on the psychological aspects of nourishment and is not a class in nutrition.

Feel free to invite friends and family that could benefit from this lecture.

Early bird €15 (before February 20)
Normal price €18

« Katarina is intuitive with the gift to connect to other people’s auras since birth. She is a visionary healer, with a miraculous gift to access people’s wounded parts and release their baggage. Her healing gift releases you from physical pain inexplicable by the traditional medicine and facilitates the detachment from trauma, such as abuse and other physical pain. Katarina is also a visionary, and a monthly column writer for Together Magazine since October Protected content . You may find her articles in the personal development features at Protected content or Protected content »

« Rebirth. »

« I had an eating disorder; I was constantly thinking about food how much I could and shouldn't eat. It drained me from all my energy, and in fact, I couldn't do anything. I was quite desperate, I wanted to get well, but I couldn't see the way out of it. I tried some counseling before but often leading to feeling worse. I then met with Katarina, and she was the one giving me the tools that I didn't have before. She was the one leading me on the right track. » Agnes

« I could never have imagined what an impact a session with Katarina could have had on me. A truly life-changing experience that is difficult to put into words. I am eternally grateful to Katarina and could not recommend her any higher. She saved my life. » Laura

« Katarina's healing power is profoundly transformative. I felt completely released from my inner 'Pain Body'. After many years of working on myself, I finally felt free to be me. It is a blessing to have encountered her and to have benefited from her healing light. » Berith

« I crossed a bridge and found myself a calmer, happier and better person on the other side. » Pierre

« From a distance, Katarina was able to see at soul level the hooks that kept me stuck and imprisoned in my past negative experiences and repetitive patterns in relationships with others. It was as if a huge burden from my shoulders and a dark cloud above my head had been removed. Feeling so much lighter, happier and stronger now, I am not searching for “pain relief” through different addictions as food and drinks. I was astonished to realize how quickly these changes have happened! I feel blessed for having met Katarina and I am grateful for the light she has brought into my life. » Mary

Intuitive healing is a powerfully transformative process to help you leave the past behind and free yourself energetically and psychologically from that which is holding you back. But to learn how to stop dieting and to feel good in your body you need to under

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