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Business opportunity in Sibiu (Bucharest)

f you are looking for a new J.O.B or are comfortable where you are then I think it will be the right decision to move on and do not read the rest of this


For most of you it has maybe not been the right time for you or maybe just too early in the growth of The Alpha Group for you to get involved. Well may I suggest that now is the right time.

We are now just about to engage our 50th Regional Director in The Alpha Group, that in itself should be enough to convince you that what we are offering the Noble Manhattan family should be enough.
The question is always about "WHATS IN IT FOR ME" Well let me see if I can answer that for you.

It will probably be the most stimulating and challenging work you’ve ever done
It provides a competitive income and works well alongside other coaching or training activity roles and your other career interests
You’ll make a massive difference to your business community, a go to person.
You’ll learn a huge amount- professionally and personally, you will develop your facilitation and coaching skills •
You have real independence- we’re not a franchise- and you can set your own work schedule
We provide on going training to all of our Regional Directors to help them remain on top of their game
You will be able to create a residual income based on 7 possible income streams
You will be a part of a huge and very professional network of Coaches and facilitators around the world
Benefit from a yearly conference and share and learn from best practises with people from all over the world.

If however you are still motivated to learn how you can motivate and inspire SME business owners to become better leaders and business owners then why not make contact and ask me how. We have a very informative webinar we will send you, which will layout the whole concept presented by Gerard O' Donavan our CEO.

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