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Registering for Self-Employment Status in Romania (Bucharest)

Is there anyone who has already been through the process of registering as self-employed in Romania and can offer advice?

I'm an EU Citizen intending to register as a resident of Romania. I derive my income from freelance consultancy work, including activities in several different NACE categorisations - Education, Arts/Entertainment/Recreation, and Information/Communications. Initially it is from clients abroad but later some of it may be from within Romania. I will be a sole proprietor.

I know there are agencies and companies that provide business set-up services and advice but the costs of those are too high for me so I am just looking for a starting point to find out the procedures, or some independent advice.

On the Romanian Immigration website ( Protected content ) I'm not sure of the definition of "Trading activities" "Economic Activities" and "Professional Activities" - or which one fits my work. Can anyone explain?

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