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Car registration in Cairo

Hello, I am British and have been living in Cairo for a long time now. I have always had my own car and it has always been registered in my name, it gets renewed every 3 years. Although it is a long process, it have never been a problem until now. I have always needed a letter from the British Embassy confirming my address and my job witch they have provided for a fee. This time I asked for the letter and was directed to a link on the Embassy website to download a letter. The letter is on Embassy letter head, in English and Arabic, stamped and says that the British Embassy no longer provides such a letter and they have not done so for 2 and a half years now., my passport is proof of my nationality and the Embassy has now way to confirm where I live and where I work. That is understandable but the officer
at the traffic office will not accept it. I spoke to the Embassy again and they told me there is no way they will give me a letter so I spoke to the traffic office again and he said there is no way to proceed with out a letter. I am stuck, my car is off the road and I dont know how to move on. anyone else had this problem? Any thoughts?

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